Bobcat Hire Canberra

The Bobcat is a versatile vehicle that can be used for a variety of jobs. With a large range of attachments available, the Bobcat can be used for moving materials, drilling, digging, cutting grass, digging trenches for pipes/cables, sweeping roads, levelling land, sifting through material, and transporting bales. Our Bobcat has completed hundreds of jobs throughout Canberra, and can tackle anything big or small.

Bobcat Dimensions

width: 1.7m

Height: 1.95m

Bobcat S250


An auger is a drilling device with a rotating blade. The blade creates a conveyor belt effect, efficiently removing sediment as it drills. 

200mm, 300mm, 450mm, and 600mm sizes are available, drilling down to 3m deep. 

Bobcat with 4 in 1 bucket:

Capable of completing various tasks:

  • Cleaning up sites
  • Digging and moving soil
  • Cutting levels

Pallet/Brick Forks:

Forks can be used to move all kinds of pallet and brick materials, for farms, ranches, construction sites and industrial areas.

Lifts up to 1000kg.


Grass Slasher:

The grass slasher can be used for mowing large lawns, cutting thick grass, removing undergrowth and weeds.

1.8m wide, with twin blades. Comes with full safety gear, and firefighting pack.



The trencher is an attachment for digging trenches ideal for electrical conduit, water pipes and drainage. The trencher also has cups as well as teeth, that enable it to clean out the trench. Helping to keep labour to a minimum.

It can dig 900mm deep, and 100mm wide.



The broom can be used to quickly sweep roads and driveways for

  • dust 
  • dirt 
  • dried mud 

Backfill Blade:

The backfill blade can be used for

  • levelling
  • backfilling
  • trenching
  • moving materials



Sieve Bucket:

Sieve buckets are useful for sorting a wide variety of materials, such as

  • soil
  • bricks
  • rubble
  • rocks



Bale Spear:

The bale spear is used for picking up and transporting round bales.